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Budgeting can seem so solitary sometimes. You’re trying to get your income to cover your expenses and meet your financial goals. But input from — or venting to — other folks can be a huge help when you’re in the trenches trying to figure out the best strategies to budget your way out of debt or why you continually overspend on food. The Penny Hoarder Community is a great place to connect with other money-minded people. Another good resource is Reddit, a social discussion website where registered members share basically any and everything — including personal finance talk. Here are six Reddit communities, or subreddits,Read More →

It’s difficult to know if you’re saving enough for retirement. You can use a retirement calculator to project, but who knows what life events are going to come along and throw your savings off track? And how do you know the market will be so reliable? Experts often suggest you have a nest egg of $1 million to $1.5 million saved when you retire. Can that possibly be right? Is everyone else sitting on six figures?  It goes without saying that the amount of savings you’ll need to retire depends on your individual situation. But let’s face it: We all want to know what theRead More →

It takes an entire 25-man roster to make a winning baseball team — just ask the defending-champion Boston Red Sox. Sure, Boston had plenty of top-line talent at its disposal, but it also got key playoff contributions from the likes of Steve Pearce and Nathan Eovaldi, neither of whom was especially heralded when the Red Sox picked them up in midseason deals. Postseason history is littered with similarly unsung heroes from down the roster who step up in big moments. But what if teams didn’t need to rely on all of those non-star contributions? Instead, we want to find the opposite: teams that are tooRead More →

When signing up for health insurance through your job, you may have been given the option of opening an HSA, or health savings account.  An HSA isn’t like a regular savings account. For one thing, there are a bunch of rules around how you can contribute and spend the money. But it can be a very useful and convenient way to set aside money for medical expenses while potentially saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long run. Here, we’ll explain how HSAs work and how they can benefit you. What Is an HSA?  The first thing you should know about anRead More →

The Midwest has been drenched by rain and beset by floods. California is bracing for wildfires after several years of record-breaking burns. Hurricane season is just getting into gear in the Atlantic Ocean, which has been hit by more storms than usual over the past three years, and those storms have been above-average in intensity. Heat waves have been increasing across the country for decades. Just last weekend, New Yorkers were being warned to use less air conditioning to prevent blackouts — and to charge their phones for when the blackouts would inevitably happen. After three summers in a row of major natural disaster headlines,Read More →

Have you been avoiding setting up a retirement account because the information is overwhelming and complicated? Yeah, me too. I’m not going to lie; if it wasn’t for the automatic enrollment in my employer’s 401(k) when I was 26, I wouldn’t have started saving for retirement when I did. As my savings — and age — grow, so does my concern about retirement. Why did I wait so long to start saving? Will it be enough when I retire? Is there more I can do now? I guess this means I’m full-on adulting. Instead of worrying about what I can’t control, I’ve shifted my focusRead More →